With five entrances, generous free open-air parking, including designated bays for those with disabilities, Heidelberg Mall places shopper convenience and enjoyment at the forefront. Great service and attention to detail are to be found throughout the mall, which includes baby changing facilities and parent/child ablutions, perfect for moms and dads with small children.

From fashion, jewellery and home décor to restaurants and banking - Heidelberg Mall caters for every need. The fashion forward can look forward top brands and fine clothing from Edgars, Foschini, Truworths, Markham, Ackermans, Mr Price, Identity, Fashion World, Ismails, Jam Clothing, Jet, Milady's, Pandora, Pep and Pick 'N Pay Clothing. The tech-savvy have the latest gadgets at their fingertips with BT Games, Incredible Connection, Matrix Warehouse and The Noise while cellular requirements are taken care of with Cell C, MTN and Vodacom.

Every interest, taste and budget is catered for at Heidelberg Mall, whether popping in to the bank, sitting down to a meal or embarking on a shopping spree.

The mall is ideally situated directly off the N3 highway between the suburb of Bersig and the existing Heidelberg CBD, on the corner of Retief Road and Jacobs Road. In December 2017, Heidelberg Mall was acquired by the Futuregrowth Community Property Fund, and Capital Land Asset Management was appointed as the property and asset manager.

Not only is the mall easy to access, but it also takes the environment into account by making use of the latest green building techniques and design features.

The mall's superb central location is a key factor in the indirect reduction of carbon emissions. Heidelberg Mall is easily accessible from all major roads and public transport routes. The carbon footprint created by shoppers who would previously travel to Johannesburg for certain items will now enjoy easy commute times and the added convenience of a first-rate retail experience.

Making the best possible use of natural light was a key part of the design of the mall, says Louis Pretorius of MDS Architecture. Natural light is utilised throughout the mall and in all the courts, reducing the need for artificial lighting thus resulting in a pleasant and environmentally friendly shopping experience. Ceiling lights in the mall are also south facing in order to make the most of natural light while limiting any harsh direct sunlight.

Motion-sensing lights have also been installed in the mall's bathrooms and passages. A motion-sensing light is one that is activated by a motion sensor rather than by a conventional light switch. By automatically turning off after a few minutes, motion lights prevent wasted electricity and help conserve precious energy resources. During the construction phase, every care was taken to ensure that the four palm trees already on the site were relocated and cared for throughout the building process. The palm trees are now flourishing in their new location outside the south entrance to the mall.

Heidelberg Mall is a premier shopping destination, but also the meeting place of choice for those seeking the best in dining.


Size: 35,000m2
Number of entrances: 5
Number of stores: 120
Number of bricks used: